exFAT File System for ReadyBoost in Windows 7

ReadyBoost for Windows 7 could prevent computer problems such as slowing down on old computers!

Did you recently upgrade your old computer to Windows 7? Does it seem to run slower then you hoped?

Since your computer is a bit old it could be using an old type of ram! And just because its old it doesn't mean its cheap! As a matter of fact its probably expensive to buy old ram since its a bit outdated and hard to find!

Why not use ReadyBoost for Windows 7 to Speed up your Computer using a blank USB(flash cards)! You can ReadyBoost Windows 7 by formatting an empty USB flash disk and then you right click on the drive go into properties and select ReadyBoost tab and you decider how much space you want to use to help performance

Using ReadyBoost is a great idea because its a very fast, and easy task! 

This task literally designed for USB(flash cards) drives so there is no reason not to use it! Doing this will feel like you just upgraded the memory of your computer without opening the computer case and adding more ram!

But you know what else I recommend, using the exFAT file system when you format your USB flash cause its extremely fast and stable compare to FAT, FAT16, FAT32 and/or NTFS file systems!

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